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  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • WordPress Hardening (Security Lockdown)
  • Vulnerability Monitoring
  • Malware Removal
  • Security Certificate

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How WP Backpack saves you time, money and frustration

Once you subscribe to one of these packages we will take the tech off your shoulders and save you time, money and frustration. We will:

– Save you time by reviewing, testing and updating WordPress and plugins when necessary.
– Save you hours of time you need to learn what we already know for years.
– Save you the nightmares that happen if your website ever gets compromised.
– Save you money you need to pay for additional services to backup and monitor your site.
– Take good care of your website just like we do with our sites.
– Save you the trouble of having people leaving your website because it’s too slow.

  1. What is WordPress hardening?

    WordPress hardening is a security audit that we do to analyze your WordPress installation and plugins for any security threats.

    Then, we will take all the necessary measures to improve the security of various areas that are vulnerable to attacks. We will essentially lock down your website for any potential threats.

  2. How do you improve my website load speed?

    We will first do a performance audit and have a look at your plugins to see how they are performing and what is slowing down your website.

    Then, we will also check the code of your theme to make sure that it doesn’t add unnecessary overheads to your WordPress website.

    Finally, we will configure W3 Total Cache for your website and setup advanced caching for your content so it can gets delivered faster to your visitors. Sometimes 10x faster.

  3. When do you update WordPress and plugins?

    Before doing any updates, we will make sure that everything is compatible and works properly.

    That is why we will not automatically update everything as it becomes available and we will manually review, test and do the updates withing 3-5 days.

  4. How often do you backup my site?

    You website is backed up daily and we also use advanced checks that notify us if something goes wrong with a backup.

    If that happens we will immediately go ahead and create a secondary backup for your site.

  5. What is managed DNS?

    The Domain Name System (DNS) is essentially a service that links your domain name with the IP address where your website is hosted. When a visitor tries to access your website, the DNS will get the request from their browser and return the address where they can find your content. This process takes between 50ms and a couple of seconds and influences your website load speed.

    Our managed DNS is built on Amazon?s highly available and reliable infrastructure. It uses a global anycast network of DNS servers in 25 worldwide locations and routes visitors to the closest location when they get to your website so it can increase the website speed.

    This means that our DNS will return the address of the server much faster and it will influence in a positive way your website load speed.

  6. Why do I need a Security (SSL) Certificate?

    The SSL Certificate will add an extra layer of protection for you and your customers, by creating a secure tunnel between your browser and the server. This way all the data you send cannot be accessed by third parties, while it travels between your computer and the server.

    The SSL Certificate can protect the admin section for each website will be served over SSL and other pages you want, like a checkout or purchase page.

  7. What does Content Delivery Network (CDN) means?

    Each website will have a CDN or Content Delivery Network configured, which delivers the content of your website (CSS, JavaScript scripts, images) through a global network of 25 edge locations based on the visitor’s location for increase performance.

    Think at network of servers around the world (US, Europe, Asia, Australia) that will deliver the content on your website.

    So, if someone from the US visits the site, she will get the content from a US server, but if she is from Japan, she will get the content from a server in Tokyo. This way the content is delivered faster and the website also loads faster.

  8. How does malware monitoring and removal work?

    Your sites will be scanned every 3 hours in order to detect any changes in code and malware activity. In the event of a malware infection your site will be cleaned in less than 8 hours during business days and 24-48 hours during weekends.

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Eugen works quickly and professionally. He communicates without tech-jargon and sends regular updates on his progress. I’m very happy with how the project was completed and would definitely work with him again!

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Eugen was fast, friendly and extremely reassuring; he even created a screencast to demonstrate that my site was error-free on his computer (in several browsers, no less!) He saved me hours of frustration and confusion, and I’m really grateful for his help.

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Eugen took technical tasks I had been dreading doing myself and completed them quickly and easily. His attention to detail is second to none and he went above and beyond my expectations to deliver a perfect customer experience!

I am so happy I found Eugen and will continue to use him for all my website needs!