Add Signup Forms

Once you configured Elevatr, go to [Signup Forms] and select [Add New].

Start with a name for your signup form and pay attention to the Form Preview box as you start customizing your form.

You should also select the List ID, form type (embedded) and save the form.

Add Signup Form

Form Style

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Then, start to customize your signup form by selecting it’s:

  • Width – it should be smaller than your sidebar
  • Background Color – if you want to use only a color
  • Background Pattern – this will replace the color with the pattern you choose
  • Border Color – if you choose to have a border, select it’s color now
  • Border Width – if you select a value higher than 0 a border will be added to your form
  • Border Style – select the style you like for the border
  • Border Radius – if you want rounded corners, this will help you achieve them

Form Style

Controls Style

This section will allow you to customize the controls, such as the button and fields:

  • Submit Button Text – modify the text of the button
  • Submit Button Style – select the style of your button
  • Button Align – choose the position where the button should be placed
  • Field Width – select the width of the input fields
  • Field Height – select the height of the input fields
  • Field Align – choose the position where the input fields should be placed

Controls Style

Content Style

Next, the Content Style allows you to customize the heading of the form and text.

You can change the the font type, color, size, it’s alignment and if you want to transform it.

Additionally, you can customize the color of the text shadow. White works best for light backgrounds and black for dark ones, but be creative.

Content Style


Finally, from this section you can add content for your signup form:

  • Heading Text – add your headline
  • Body Text – this text is displayed between the heading and input fields
  • Name Field – if you don’t want to use this field you can disable it
  • Show Labels – this displays the labels name and email before the input fields
  • Name Placeholder – edit the placeholder for the name, ie “Add your name”
  • Email Placeholder – edit the placeholder for the email, ie “Enter your email”
  • Success Message – this message is displayed in the form to confirm the submission
  • Success Redirect – if you prefer you can add a thank you page to which the subscriber will be redirected after submission
  • Credits Link – add a credit backlink to elevatr

Once again save the form and you are done.